Short Stories/Collections

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Short stories – crime/noir/literary/horror. In order of publication and published by various literary magazines and anthologies, both in Australia and overseas.

Figments and Fragments: Dark Stories (IFWG Publishing Australia, 2019) – noir/horror. From wheat farms, roadhouses, caravan parks and beaches to quiet streets and inner-city apartments, these Australian stories are about violence, loss, betrayal and revenge.

300 Degree Days and Other Stories (Oscillate Wildly Press, 2018) – dark/literary. Set in contemporary Australian suburbia, these eleven stories examine the darker side of family relationships.

Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories (IFWG Publishing Australia, 2017) – horror/dark fantasy. An award-winning collection of mysterious, creepy and disturbing stories. Winner of the Australian Shadows “Best Collected Work 2017”.)

Anthologies [various] Midnight Echo #14 guest edited by Deborah Sheldon (Australasian Horror Writers Association, 2019) – horror subgenres. Scheduled for publication in December 2019.

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