Perfect Little Stitches and other stories

New from IFWG Publishing Australia.

perfect little stitches - final cover

Long-listed for the 2017 Bram Stoker Award “Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection”.

One of Aurealis Magazine’s Top Picks of 2017.

Nominated for the Aurealis Award “Best Collection 2017”.

A collection of twenty-one dark fantasy and horror stories. Mysterious. Creepy. Disturbing. A funeral director, who steals body parts for cash, takes delivery of an unusual corpse. The crew of a nineteenth-century fishing boat encounters an unknown but irresistible danger. A dog-sledder on a secret mission in Antarctica fights for his life against the monsters that have fuelled his every nightmare since the Vietnam war. And much more…

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I’m absolutely thrilled that my horror collection, Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories (IFWG Publishing Australia), made it into the preliminary “Bram Stoker Award” 2017 ballot for Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection. While I didn’t make the shortlist, just to be mentioned on the same page as industry heavyweights like Joe Hill is a tremendous honour.
For the full list of the Bram Stoker 2017 Preliminary Ballot, please click here.


Grave robbers, changelings, mermaids, and ghosts are just some of the characters Deborah Sheldon introduces to us in her latest release, Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories.

From the traditional sirens to the prehistoric cassowary, harpies to were-cow, Sheldon produces what may be the most disturbed showcase of monsters you will ever meet. A roll call of the gothic and macabre to unsettle.

Each story is lovingly conceived and well-executed, a nightmare wrapped in prose. Most surprising is the length. A majority of the stories read only a few pages in length, but the tension is relentless in the best possible way. Taut and tightly paced, this is a finely crafted collection, with each story challenging reader expectations and comfort levels.

Best in the series may be the opening story, “Perfect Little Stitches”, but Sheldon immediately challenges that with the subtle and surprising “When This You See, Think of Me”. The collection is so solid that there isn’t one single story that shines above the rest.

Sheldon has an uncanny gift for unnerving imagery and story. Her characters are well drawn and sympathetic, which makes their demise and survival all the more compelling. Definitely a collection not to be missed.  – Aimee Lindorff, November 2017.


This may be one of my most, and least, favourite collections. Short gothic horror stories filled with monsters, old and new, that leave you perpetually unnerved. It’s not a collection to be read in one sitting, but, like cockroach things from outer space, you can’t help but devour it. – Aimee Lindorff.


Anne McCluskey – I love it! Every story is unique & exciting. It’s a treasure trove.