Short stories


I’ve had short stories published in both print and online magazines, including:

Across the white desert – March to the Grave, Deadman’s Tome, May 2017:

What the sea wants – shortlisted for Best Short Fiction 2016 in the Australian Shadows Awards, March 2017:

Bull rider – ‘Dozen: The Best of Breath and Shadow Magazine’ anthology, December 2016:

When this you see, think of me – Hell’s Bells: stories of festive fear by members of the Australian Horror Writer’s Association, December 2016: And is also available in print format:

Perfect little stitches – December 2016, the Australian Horror Writers Association releases ‘Dead of Night: The Best of Midnight Echo’ anthology, edited by former AHWA vice-president and Midnight Echo editor, Shane Jiraiya Cummings:

Angel hair – Highly Commended in the Australian Horror Writers Association’s Short Story Competition, June 2016. Comment from the AHWA judges, Lee Murray, Zoe Downing, and Joseph Ashley-Smith: ‘Angel Hair was highly commended. A classically structured tale in which spider numbers suddenly blossom in the aftermath of a flood, its potential to be real meant the story stayed with each of us long after we’d finished reading it. Visually beautiful, the story’s key strength lay in its portrayal of the quiet and inescapable horror of being smothered.’

The brightest place – Polestar Writers’ Journal #30, May 2016:

Post hoc ergo propter hoc – Allegory Magazine #29, May 2016:

Counting the steps from one through five – ‘100 Lightnings’ flash fiction anthology, Paroxysm Press, March 2016:

What the sea wants – SQ Mag #25, March 2016: Nominated for a 2016 Australian Shadows Award for Best Short Fiction.

A faithful companion – Tincture Journal #13, February 2016:

Blue light taxi (reprint) – guest post on the popular blog of writer Seumas Gallacher, February 2016:

Across the white desert – Aurealis #87, February 2016:

Excerpt of a review from Tangent, February 2016: “High stakes and realistic dialogue create a strong sensation of endangerment, which holds the reader from page one to the end. The snow, gore, and monsters suggest that the author might be a big admirer of the Lovecraftian mythos. True or not, Deborah Sheldon has done an excellent job”.

Will o’ the wisp – ‘Lighthouses: an anthology of dark tales’, Black Beacon Books, November 2015:

The Australian Shadows Awards recognise the best in published Australian and New Zealand horror. The nominations for Best Edited Works 2015 include ‘Lighthouses: an anthology of dark tales’ (which published my story, ‘Will o’ the wisp’). More information about the awards here:

Excerpt of an Amazon reader review, December 2015: “Deborah Sheldon’s Will O’ The Wisp … digs up the still festering bones of the old folk tales from which ‘fairy tales’ emerged, and gives them a new suit of loose, bloody flesh.” – B. Marshall

Excerpt of a Goodreads/Amazon review, December 2015: ‘Will O’ The Wisp … is a fable full of atmosphere, strong and vivid characters and an ending that will truly shock you. What more do we want from a horror tale?’ – Greg

In the company of women – Pulp Modern #9, ‘Dangerous Women’, July 2015:

We have what you want (play script) – Gargouille #2, June 2015:

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc – given an Honourable Mention in the 2015 Australian Horror Writers Association Flash Fiction awards, April 2015

Family album – A Quiet Courage magazine, April 2015:

Perfect little stitches – Midnight Echo Magazine #11, April 2015: 

Excerpt of SCARY MINDS REVIEW, April 2015: “Perfect Little Stitches for [me] was the best piece of prose writing in the magazine, including the 2014 AHWA winners. Author Deborah Sheldon has it working on multiple levels, a purely supernatural piece or a downright horror excursion. One of those stories that leaves things with the reader [not] knowing where it might go, excellent achievement with a couple of well received jump scares…” Full review here:

Pinterest page for Midnight Echo Magazine #11, designed by editor Kaaron Warren:

The Australian Shadows Awards represent the best in published Australian and New Zealand horror. In April 2016, ‘Perfect Little Stitches’ is nominated for Best Short Story for 2015, alongside fiction by Kaaron Warren, Martin Livings, Greg Chapman, and Pandora Hope. More information here:

The Australian Shadows Awards nominations for Best Edited Works also include ‘Midnight Echo #11’, which published my story, ‘Perfect Little Stitches’.

Muscle fatigue – One Page Literary Magazine, April 2015:

Crazy Town is a happy place – Tincture Journal #8, December 2014:

Fair-Haired Boy – ‘The Day Death Wore Boots’, UK Alfie Dog anthology, including international authors, October 2014.

Excerpt of Goodreads review from Julie Lees:  “Although this book is supposed to be a collection of ghost stories, the only truly menacing story is that of Deborah Sheldon’s ‘Fair-haired Boy’…”

Flashpoint – Crime Factory #16, October 2014.

Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary – Canterbury Anthology #21, October 2014.

Broken things – Regime, issue 4, August 2014

Fortune teller – Shotgun Honey, July 2014.

Closed for renovations – Polestar Writers’ Journal, issue 25, October 2013.

His father’s words – Tamba magazine, issue 52, June 2013.

Ducklings – Tincture Journal, issue #2, winter 2013.

Basket trap – (reprint) Alfie Dog UK, April 2013.

Griselda Gosh – (reprint) Alfie Dog UK, April 2013.

Cash cow – (reprint) Alfie Dog UK, April 2013.

Fair-haired boy – (reprint) Alfie Dog UK, April 2013.

Farm hands – (reprint) ‘Hard Labour’ anthology, Crime Factory, October 2012. Review by ‘Book’d Out’

One grand plan – Crime Factory, issue 10, May 2012.

Garland Cove – ‘The One That Got Away’, crime-fiction anthology by Dark Prints Press, March 2012.

White powder – dotdotdash, issue 8, ‘Gambit’, December 2011.

Basket trap – Page Seventeen, issue 9, November 2011. Shortlisted for the 2011 Page Seventeen Short Story Competition

A guest for dinner – [untitled] magazine, issue 4, May 2011

Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary – Polestar Writers’ Journal, edition 21, March 2011

Bull rider – (reprint) Breath & Shadow (US), January 2011 (vol.8 no.1)

Beach house – Australian Reader, December 2010

Man with a suitcase – The Fringe Magazine, December 2010

Blue light taxi – Tamba, December 2010

Rooftop – Queen Vic Knives, December 2010

Goodnight – Positive Words, December 2010

First and last words – (reprint) An Eclectic Slice of Life, print anthology by Eclecticism E-zine, November 2010.  ‘An Eclectic Slice of Life’ was nominated for a Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation (or ‘Tin Duck’) award for Best WA Professional Production. Click here to view a beautiful YouTube video of the anthology

Griselda Gosh – issue #14 of Eclecticism E-zine (Oct/Nov 2010). This story got a great write-up in the April 2011 issue of ‘Horrorscope: the Australian Dark Fiction Blog’

We have what you want – (reprint) Children Churches and Daddies (US), issue #211, August 2010

Free lunch – Short & Twisted 2010 anthology, published in June 2010

Lopping and removal in three parts – (reprint) CellStories, May 10th 2010

Baggage – Sketch 2010 edition

We have what you want – Polestar Writers’ Journal, edition #19 (Dec 2009/Jan 2010)

Fair-haired boy – (reprint) Skive Magazine, December 2009, which includes an author interview with me on my upcoming collection, ‘All the little things that we lose’

Flight path – pendulum, November 2009

Farm hands – Island, 30th anniversary issue, Spring 2009

Waiting for the huntsman – Eclecticism E-zine, July 2009

Paramour – receives ‘highly commended’ in the Positive Words Short Story Competition, June 2009

Getting and giving – Prima Storia, April 2009

Party animals – Positive Words, April 2009

Counting the steps from one through five – Cottonmouth, February 2009

The birthday present – Prima Storia, February 2009

The sequined shirt – Australian Reader, February 2009

A mother-to-be has a sad story – FreeXpresSion, February 2009

First and last words – Eclecticism E-zine, February 2009

Burnover – Positive Words, January 2009

Fair-haired boy – page seventeen annual, November 2008

Road rage – FreeXpresSion, October 2008

Risk of recurrence – Southern Ocean Review, July 2008

The Caldwell case – Australian Reader, April 2007

Parrots and pelicans – Polestar Writers’ Journal, December 2006

300 degree days – Quadrant, November 2005



Cast down – Anemone Enemy, Oscillate Wildly Press, late 2017

A faithful companion – Killing It Softly 2, Digital Fiction Publishing Co., late 2017

A guest for dinner – The Anthology of Loss, release date TBA